Cyanide & Happiness - Adventure Game

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You kick us, we start it! The Cyanide and Happiness Adventure Game, now on Kickstarter!

Younouss 11 ditë më parë
Finally, 3 years of waiting for... EPISODE 1 ??? TOO SHORT DON T BUY RN FOR 15£ !!! We don't even start the apocalypse
That One Poco
That One Poco Muaj më parë
Where’s the second part after the explosion
LucasMeme Muaj më parë
Muncher 48
Muncher 48 Muaj më parë
I love the game but how did it take 3 years lmao. Completed it in 4 hours 😂
Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore Muaj më parë
game is a ripoff
Mister Unknown
Mister Unknown Muaj më parë
Why its prety good.
simon olsen
simon olsen Muaj më parë
alot changed now that it's finally out
Cherryblossom ink
Cherryblossom ink Muaj më parë
I can not wait for the part two trailer I need the full version so bad it’s so good to play on my switch I already beat the demo I need to beat the full version so bad this game is fun and it is awesome plus life changing
Juicy whale
Juicy whale Muaj më parë
imagine seeing this 3 years later when the game just released recently ok
Demented Duskull
Demented Duskull 2 muaj më parë
That was 3.5 years ago? Wow.
Vincenzo Gonder
Vincenzo Gonder 2 muaj më parë
three fuckin years ive been waiting
HANDYCHAP 2 muaj më parë
Congrats its now out on steam
S3PT1C KR4K3N 2 muaj më parë
Olivier Paquette
Olivier Paquette 3 muaj më parë
They keep changing the release date on steam. Its starting to get infuriating
Allison Heinze-Villanueva
Allison Heinze-Villanueva 3 muaj më parë
So when is this coming out and will it be on the switch, please. I would like to play
Jay the Killer
Jay the Killer 4 muaj më parë
Did this game ever make it out of kickstarter
Where is he
Where is he 4 muaj më parë
Give em a minute
SyborgCat 4 muaj më parë
Were still waiting
Steele Myers
Steele Myers 4 muaj më parë
When will it actually be released
Dogboy2709 4 muaj më parë
Who knows at this point. Was supposed to be this year, but Pandemic delayed it even longer apparently. Now I hear it's "early 2021"
Daniel Adams
Daniel Adams 7 muaj më parë
Why did you make the game expensive
Chris Hamilton II
Chris Hamilton II 8 muaj më parë
now known as "Freakpocolispe!"
yokai watcher
yokai watcher 9 muaj më parë
Ted bear!😥
BK 9 muaj më parë
This game reminds me of riddle school if any of you know that game series
LZY Productions
LZY Productions 9 muaj më parë
Where can I download this game for free?
Joel the Gay Noodle
Joel the Gay Noodle 3 muaj më parë
it never came out its still in production
win rio
win rio 9 muaj më parë
Is it in mobile
LordZandaurgh 10 muaj më parë
This trailer came out in 2017? I only just heard of this game a couple weeks ago
Macy Bergen
Macy Bergen 10 muaj më parë
Unlike the other games I tried, fireboy and watergirl on hudgames is super unique, worth my try.
TigerTrainerXD 10 muaj më parë
2 years later, the demo is out.
Rebecka MP
Rebecka MP 11 muaj më parë
Don't you mean....... FREAKPOCALYPSE
The Bruh Simpsons Channel Chalmers
The Bruh Simpsons Channel Chalmers 11 muaj më parë
Can You This Game Too Android Playstore
OliCrack 11 muaj më parë
Yes, this is Freakpocalypse.
Walquiria Moura
Walquiria Moura 11 muaj më parë
I sorry i ma not play :(
Kahgotcha 11 muaj më parë
Will this be available on console?
A Dude With internet
A Dude With internet 11 muaj më parë
dose it have a multiplayer
Bayanbat Buddy
Bayanbat Buddy Vit më parë
woow ted beer
MemeLover 64
MemeLover 64 Vit më parë
This ist Epic
Nicholas Tan
Nicholas Tan Vit më parë
Can you made this adventure game for Android and iOS pls .
Name Surname
Name Surname Vit më parë
I can't wait!
Kingston notsgniK
Kingston notsgniK Vit më parë
2 years later,it's actually coming out.
Scyon Barker
Scyon Barker Vit më parë
"The first ever Cyanide & Happiness Video Game" Rapture Rejects: Am I a joke to you?
Alan Cruz
Alan Cruz Vit më parë
But it ain’t Real
Alan Cruz
Alan Cruz Vit më parë
Yoo Its 2020
Rebecka MP
Rebecka MP Vit më parë
Corie _
Corie _ Vit më parë
Netflix: are ya still watching? A random person: 0:55
John leonard Arreza
John leonard Arreza Vit më parë
Put it moblie
ZunTsu The Loveomos
ZunTsu The Loveomos Vit më parë
MDinoSeaker Vit më parë
Rebecka MP
Rebecka MP Vit më parë
CJ Tennyson
CJ Tennyson Vit më parë
This game reminds me so much of the South Park games, I cannot wait for it to come out, it looks so good!!!!
Slippser Vit më parë
For anyone Wondering this is cyanide and happiness freakpocalypse and is getting a switch release in the summer
odd jobs 9K
odd jobs 9K Vit më parë
Lol its coming to the switch after 3 yrs of development
Michael Sali
Michael Sali Vit më parë
2 years later, it made a game on Nintendo Switch and many other platforms
Krillinish2 Vit më parë
This trailer reminded me of “Here Comes Dr. Tran” from the Internet a decade ago.
《•Pixelboy127• ピクセル!!》
《•Pixelboy127• ピクセル!!》 Vit më parë
It came back as freakpocalypse
ZER0 gravity
ZER0 gravity Vit më parë
This is a formless masterpiece
Cala Maria
Cala Maria Vit më parë
When Rapture Rejects comes out first
Dorien Vit më parë
Who would’ve thought this would be on an indie direct
99999drake Vit më parë
I really hope Lunk gonna be in the game XD
TheMail518 Vit më parë
This is it!! This is the game that will be on Switch this summer! :D
iSweety Pie
iSweety Pie Vit më parë
So cool. You guys should make the real game on android.
CPT. Cigar
CPT. Cigar Vit më parë
this game is taking forever whats going on?
lucas wilde
lucas wilde Vit më parë
me and my brother like this it so so so funny and i like it :D. bad ice cream 3 is best game in
Jibri Jibri
Jibri Jibri Vit më parë
It’s been 3 years. When is it coming out!
Idiot on his keyboard
Idiot on his keyboard Vit më parë
This year most likely
Starfilling Vit më parë
where can i buy it?
ThepimpedLink !
ThepimpedLink ! Vit më parë
Any update?
Starfilling Vit më parë
7heGame7ester Vit më parë
Is the game on mobile, console or computer?
7heGame7ester Vit më parë
Starfilling don’t you mean six hundred thousand, not six hundred million
Starfilling Vit më parë
expected to come out in 2020 at $ 600,000,000 put it on Ps4
Bruh Vit më parë
But wheres the game?
John Vit më parë
Still waiting.....
Arrowgate Vit më parë
What the fuck even happend to this game
Mau M
Mau M Vit më parë
Andrew Morales Coming 2020
Matthias Reith
Matthias Reith Vit më parë
Any update on this game?
Tricky Vic
Tricky Vic Vit më parë
Welp so much for this game.
Guillaume Bertrand
Guillaume Bertrand Vit më parë
I am still waiting for the game to come out =(
Dylan Maxwell
Dylan Maxwell Vit më parë
It says on the Kickstarter it's coming 2019 is it done yet?
Dylan Maxwell
Dylan Maxwell Vit më parë
@Mason oke
Mason Vit më parë
they changed it to 2020 lol
Bob Robber
Bob Robber Vit më parë
Sooo, is the game dead? Ironic considering what they said on the kickstarter page
temporary god
temporary god Vit më parë
... this aint coming, out is it ?
Matthew Tameirao
Matthew Tameirao Vit më parë
The grandma’s skin is grayish purple.
albert trollolol
albert trollolol Vit më parë
I wish they actually made this game
The Foxy Rider
The Foxy Rider Muaj më parë
They did. it was pretty awesome
Immature Alchemist
Immature Alchemist Muaj më parë
The first part of the trilogy came out a couple days ago!
Tommysquid 0
Tommysquid 0 2 muaj më parë
It's coming out in two days
Dezi Xphilia
Dezi Xphilia 2 muaj më parë
Gonna be released in like less than a month now lol
BK 9 muaj më parë
@Mira e Star on the kick starter they need $25,000 to release it on PlayStation
cheems wea
cheems wea Vit më parë
Wait. wasnt Ted Bear ded?
cuzzbaby Vit më parë
What does this game launch? You said it that the first chapter was gong to release December of 2018. Nothing has came out yet and on top of that we're already in September of 2019.
Geraldine Lewis
Geraldine Lewis Vit më parë
Summer 2020 on the Switch
Nigel preston du53
Nigel preston du53 Vit më parë
I guess its free for Android
Blood Moon
Blood Moon Vit më parë
What ever happened to this? Did they cancel it?
RetroProGamer Vit më parë
It seems so. They already working on another Game which made more money on Kickstarter than this one
Vincent Vit më parë
Did they forget?
RetroProGamer Vit më parë
yes they did :( They already had a new Kickstarter for another Game and are probably working on that one. Since it made more money than this one.
CrimsonBoiYT Vit më parë
0:22 hmm okay
Hippienolic 2
Hippienolic 2 Vit më parë
August 2019, still waiting
Peter /Hamsterhotdog
Peter /Hamsterhotdog Vit më parë
what happend with this game ?
RetroProGamer Vit më parë
@Peter /Hamsterhotdog but to be fair. Its not like they said its cancelled. They just didnt say anything. And it shoould have been released last year
RetroProGamer Vit më parë
@Peter /Hamsterhotdog pretty much
Peter /Hamsterhotdog
Peter /Hamsterhotdog Vit më parë
@RetroProGamer so they just took a bounch of peoples money and never told them why ?
RetroProGamer Vit më parë
@Peter /Hamsterhotdog they never said why. Or gave any real updates. But yet they already started with the next Kickstarter
Peter /Hamsterhotdog
Peter /Hamsterhotdog Vit më parë
@RetroProGamer what!! but why ?!
Daniel Persing
Daniel Persing Vit më parë
So are we ever going to get more news about this
RetroProGamer Vit më parë
@Ruben Acero probably never. It was supposed to release last year and they didnt say anything. Also they already started with a new Kickstarter.
Ruben Acero
Ruben Acero Vit më parë
I bought the game, soooo when am I getting chapter 1?
RetroProGamer Vit më parë
Jester 639
Jester 639 Vit më parë
Anybody play this early at comic con? I did
Aneoohh disio
Aneoohh disio Vit më parë
Rudy and mothman better be playable character
Aneoohh disio
Aneoohh disio Vit më parë
@Ruben Acero No
Ruben Acero
Ruben Acero Vit më parë
Afro disio do u know when the game is going to be released?
Raul Najera
Raul Najera Vit më parë
Never came out
Pie1 Vit më parë
Delayed *
ローズ Vit më parë
PewDiePie needs to play this game or Markiplier
RetroProGamer Vit më parë
They made a post on Kickstarter a few days ago. But only backers can see it. Did they say anything about the Release?
Pie1 Vit më parë
This year that's it
Seth Adkins
Seth Adkins Vit më parë
Is the “something stupid/scrumptious” guy going to be in it?
Imagination_nub Vit më parë
will it come on steam?
Stan Studios
Stan Studios 2 vjet më parë
The first ever cyanide and happiness game Rapture rejects: am I a joke to you
Lorraine SC
Lorraine SC 2 vjet më parë
Tell us the release date
Biscuit 2 vjet më parë
Is this 56 dollars?
Pie1 Vit më parë
end me
end me 2 vjet më parë
Will the game ever come out?
Fight-Me-Roc Vit më parë
I would like to know as well
swager dager69
swager dager69 2 vjet më parë
Technically, Rapture Rejects is the first ever Cyanide and Happiness video game.
Austin Bernard
Austin Bernard 2 vjet më parë
Glad I didn’t back this since I guess it’s never coming out
Karina Camacho
Karina Camacho 2 vjet më parë
Ted bear trun into a zombie
DANK BOİ 2 vjet më parë
0:17 me when some weaboo approaches to me
Yoyo Mackoy
Yoyo Mackoy 2 vjet më parë
What happened to this game? Is it even coming out?
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